Photo Album -En uke i en gul bil - på Manhattan...One Week in a Yellow Car - on Manhattan !

Mai 2015,reiste jeg og min kamerat Morten Wentzel,til New York for å gjøre filmopptak til musikkvideoen YELLOW CAR,med J.Ovland & The Commodities - Morten,som ved siden av å være musiker og filmmaker/produsent,måtte denne gangen også rulle,løfte og bære stolen min rundt på Manhattan - takk Morten ! (se fotoalbum ) ...siden dette dreier seg om NYC,kommer resten av historien...på engelsk 🙂

Back in the day,flying in to JFK,I was soon introduced to the Checker taxi of New York City - back then , in the mid 80´s, I did not think to much of it - now,some thirty years later and for quite some time - the Checker taxi has become an American icon , just like Harley-Davidson and Coca Cola -

Originally coming out of Chicago,the Checker taxi of NYCity,made sure that it´s passengers  came from A to B - in a zip , most of the time anyway :) before long,the yellow taxi spread all over - today,

you will find a yellow taxi service , on all continents of the world - having been in quite a few of them myself,I would like to use this opportunity to say,with my song YELLOW CAR , a big thank you, to you all !