YELLOW CAR , J.Ovland & The Commodities

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Hi all, I am Jan Ovland,singer & songwriter out of Norway - In these times of "UBER or not to UBER" ,I have written a song - YELLOW CAR - that I am about to share with you ! - recorded it with my band,The Commodities and produced a music video, filmed in Norway,New York City and Chiang Mai/Thailand - all because I wanted to " pay homage to the taxi drivers of the world ! " and their wheels,who sometimes happen to be yellow ! You can buy a digital copy here!

The Blue Cafe´

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The Blue Cafe´, en folk-jazz trio fra Norge! I overgangen mellom 80 og 90 tallet,gikk musikkbransjen gjennom en storstilt omlegging - på banen kom Unplugged - etter år med synther,blinkene lys og digitale huppeditter,var tiden inne for og ta det hele litt ned - The Blue Cafe´ kombinerte elementer som akkustisk guitar,båndløs bass og flygelhorn med en enkel vokal,som fortalte historier i en låtskriver tradisjon - cool - gi det en sjans ! The Blue Cafe´ var ; Lars Endrerud - båndløs bass , Jan Ovland - vocal & gitar , Roy Nikolaisen - flygelhorn & trompet musikk ;Jan Ovland - historier ; Eric Hagen , Jan Ovland og på "When Darkness Comes",verdifulle bidrag av Roy Johansen Back in the day,early 90´s , the face of the music scene went through a total makeover - in came Unplugged - after years of synth samples and high tech of all sorts - It was time to downsize - The Blue Cafe´ combined elements like acoustic guitar,fretless bass and flugelhorn with a single vocal on top,telling stories in a singer & songwriter tradition - cool - give it a listen ! - enjoy !